Your workout shoes may be sabotaging your workout

Your favorite pair of workout shoes may actually be sabotaging the time you spend working out.

Reader’s Digest shared some reasons that your shoes may actually be doing more harm than good.

1. They’re tired: Though worn shoes show signs of heavy usage, they’re not doing any good for you. “If your sneakers are old and worn out, they could be shifting your weight abnormally, which can lead to injuries not only to your feet, but also to your entire skeleton,”said podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, a Vionic Innovation Lab member. You should change up your sneakers every 300-500 miles, but visual wear and tear could mean before that.

2. They don’t suit your workout: You shouldn’t be wearing running shoes to hike or to Zumba. Your shoes should be specific to the workout, because there’s “so much technology that goes into sneakers.”

3. You wear them everyday: Wearing your workout shoes to the grocery store or running errands could ruin the effectiveness. You should have a pair of shoes specifically for working out.

4. They’re the wrong size: Ill-fitting shoes can cause pain and could even lead to tendinitis, heel pain or stress fractures. You should shop for shoes later in the day as your feet are swollen when you first wake up.

5. They lack support: In addition to assuring the size is right, you also have to make sure your shoes provide enough arch support, cushioning and shock absorption.

6. You’re lacing them up wrong: When laces are tied too loosely, it doesn’t secure your foot in the shoe which can throw off your alignment. This could also lead to shin or ankle pain, which could lead to knee and hip pain. If too much of the tongue is popping out, your shoe is probably not tight enough.

7. They’re too tight: Your shoes should feel snug, but if you tie them too tightly, it could lead to muscle strain and tendinitis.

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