Here’s How Runners Can Celebrate Global Running Day

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Here’s How Runners Can Celebrate Global Running Day

Every day is a good day for a run. But June 7 is extra-special. It’s the day for runnerds the world over to lace up in celebration of Global Running Day! Observing the day is easy; all you have to do is run. Solo or with friends, inside or out, on the road or trail, long miles or chasing your kids, it all counts. If you want your efforts to be more official, check out your local events or investigate the ones on our list. For even more options around the world, go to the Global Running Day page on Facebook. Be sure to share your celebration on Instagram with #globalrunningday and @runcompetitor.

Make a Pledge

Go to and make your personal pledge to run. As part of your pledge, you share the country where you’ll be running, how far you plan to go and your inspiration. There’s nothing quite like knowing the entire world is holding you accountable! Be sure to encourage the young runners in your life to mark the occasion by participating in the Global Running Day Million Kid Run. Help them embrace the sport at an early age!

Get Endorsed by Brooks Running

Being a professional runner may be a stretch goal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be endorsed…. as part of the Brooks Running Big Endorsement! Everyone who registers at gets $1 for signing on the dotted line, plus they are then eligible to enter the Cover Runner Contest for a shot at being on cover of Competitor magazine. Entrants must answer, “What motivates you to run?” in 100 words or less.

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Sign Up for a Race!

Registering for an event is one of the very best ways to keep yourself active and accountable all year long. On Global Running Day, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series features its lowest prices of the year. Get your race registrations while their hot. With dozens of events, the series likely features one in your backyard. Or if wanderlust has taken hold, there are plenty of cities around the country and the world to choose from (think San Diego, Madrid, Philly and even Chendu, China). It is Global Running Day after all!

Break a World Record

New York Road Runners (NYRR) is celebrating the day by hosting a “Most People in Treadmill Relay” in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record. The current treadmill relay team record is for 250 participants. NYRR is planning on around 33 hours for their event, with relay team members running a mile at faster than 9:41 pace. The relay is happening at the NYRR RUNCENTER on 57th Street in Manhattan, and is open to the public from 7a.m. to 8p.m.

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Run with Westin Hotels Resorts

With nearly 200 run concierges to lead runs and offer run route advice at Westin properties around the world and a Gear Lending program—for just $5 hotel guests can rent New Balance shoes and apparel for a run—every day feels like Global Running Day. For the month of June, Westin will also help early morning runners stay safe by including reflective wristbands and light-up sneaker clips in the rental kits. If you happen to be staying at a Westin hotel the night of June 6, be sure to get up early on June 7 to join other guests and run concierges for some morning miles.

Run 1K with Strava

Strava is challenging their app users to run at least one kilometer on Global Running Day. To make your kilometer count, they recommend running just a bit more to account for device variances. June is also the month for The Strava Mile, where any runner who uploads at least a one-mile run on Strava is entered to win free shoes for themselves and ten of their Strava followers. Include #MyMile in the activity title to be included in the challenge.

Get social with Life Time Run

Life Time Run, the running company within Life Time is hosting free social runs at Life Time Run locations across the country. Check out the schedule at For those inspired to go further, Life Time is also offering discounts on more than 20 of their running events across the country. The races go throughout the season, but the sale is just for a limited time.

Enter Fleet Feet’s The Big Run

On Global Running Day, 40 Fleet Feet stores around the country will host a nationally coordinated 5K. Every participant gets a t-shirt and every finisher gets a medal. And at the end of the day race results are tallied nationally, with prizes given for speed, participation and creativity. Meaning runners in Hartford, Conn., can race their buddies in Fresno, Calif., without the travel hassle. In addition, many Fleet Feet stores will be hosting fun runs. Check with your local store for the schedule of events or go to to register for The Big Run.

Run with Hal Koerner

The North Face has a new Endurance Challenge Series Event in Massachusetts the weekend of June 10-11. They are kicking on the fun on Global Running Day, with a shakeout run through the streets of Boston with Hal Koerner. Let them know you’re coming and they’ll have salads and beverages waiting for you. The run begins and ends at The North Face store in Boston.

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