Boss of Stroud homelessness charity laces up the running shoes to raise funds in London Marathon

A CEO of a charity which tackles homelessness among young people in Stroud district is running the London Marathon this month.

Dr Claire Mould will be taking on the gruelling 27 mile course on Sunday, April 23 to raise funds for her own organisation OPENhouse and another charity called Action on Preeclampsia.

So far she has raised £1,841 for the two causes through her online donation page, and is just over 60 per cent towards her initial fundraising target of £3,000.

Half of the cash will go towards helping OPENhouse provide support, care and company for homeless people aged between 16-25 and those with complex mental needs.

“These charities are very dear to my heart and the only reason I am doing this is to try to raise as much money as possible to help support their aims and goals,” said. Claire.

“A couple of months ago I was asked by the CEO of Action on Pre-Eclampsia (APEC) if I wanted to run the London marathon. How could I refuse such a great opportunity to raise some much needed funds?

“The last few weeks have been a relentless cycle of work, run, sleep, repeat – this marathon training business is really, really hard.

“I just had an image of me skipping along Pall Mall trying to get my OPENhouse T Shirt on the television.

“I definitely didn’t envisage the harsh reality of coming home after a very long day at work and having to go out in whatever the weather is throwing at you for a run.

“The only reason I have kept going is that I am doing this is to raise money for OPENhouse.

“I know we are all inundated with funding requests but if you have any spare change it would be very gratefully appreciated.”

You can visit her fundraising page here:

OPENhouse has been working with homeless and vulnerable people in the district for over a decade.

The group of volunteers and workers from the base in Painswick House Inn in Gloucester Street.

Its core vision is to provide opportunities and direction within a safe, supportive environment, which enables young people to break cycles of deprivation and poverty and becoming fully functioning members of the community.

It has nine properties around the town that provide shelter for up to 24 people aged 16-25, and also has close links to around 40 others in the community that need support.

For more information visit

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