8 Mistakes Runners Make When Buying Running Shoes

Most running shoes have a lifespan of between 300 and 500 miles, but many runners either don’t keep track of mileage. That, or they throw caution to the wind and wear out their pair.

Wearing out shoes can lead to injury. According to Ken Larscheid, owner of Running Lab in Pinckney, Michigan, a tell-tale sign for replacing your pair is when you get unusual aches and pains in certain areas. “A lot of people who come in and feel pain or soreness don’t even question the age of their shoes,” says Larscheid. “What we suggest at the store is overlapping them a little bit.”

Introducing a new pair before your current pair wears out will help you ease into new shoes as you ease out of your old ones. Other indicators to start changing out include worn, smooth grooves at the bottom of your shoes and uneven foam on one side of the shoe, meaning the sole is no longer level.

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